Recovery Fee

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Recovery Fees

Many people don’t understand why we have to charge a recovery fee for our animals when many private individuals give unwanted kittens and puppies away for free.

The reason that we have a fee is that we provide both medical care to ensure that our adoptable pets are healthy as possible and we also have our animals spayed or nurtured in an effort to prevent future pet overpopulation.

If you were to provide the same medical care to a free puppy or kitten, it would cost you several times the amount of our recovery fee.

Recovery fee amounts for Cats:


  • 8 weeks to 1 Year

Adult Cats

  • 1-6 Years

Seniors Cats

  • 7+ Years

Recovery fee amounts for Dogs:


  • 8 weeks to 1 Year


  • 2+ Years

Giant Breeds

  • Any Age

Recovery fees include:

*All medical care after adoption, with the exception of the spay/neuter in the case of a kitten or puppy that is too young to have the surgery, is the responsibility of the owner. Catering to Cats and Dogs advises all new owners to take their new pet to the veterinarian within two weeks of adopting since some medical issues may take time to appear.

  • FIV/FelV testing (cats)
  • Heartworm testing and preventative
  • Deworming
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Age appropriate shots up to the time of adoption
  • Microchipping
  • All other medical care during the pet’s time with us

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