To Catnip or Not To Catnip

To Catnip or Not To Catnip

Always say no to drugs. Catnip, on the other hand, is pretty tempting. Cats go crazy for it and we love to see them go crazy. It’s not only good as treats for cats, but they’ve also helped felines physically and psychologically. Don’t forget the help it is to us humans, too, proving there may be more to this herb than you know.

Some cats do react to catnip, but others seem unaffected, lacking the necessary gene that causes them to react to the funky herb. For those that are affected, catnip stimulates playfulness and exercise, giving you and Mittens more time to bond and work off any unwanted extra tummy fluff. It also helps ease cats into a more relaxed state to relieve stress either for travel or veterinary visits.

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As many perks there are to these extra fun treats, moderation is still important. There are precautions to take with giving your cat catnip, some reporting nausea, diarrhea, seizures in cats that are prone to them, and all being warned not to give it to pregnant cats. With anything new, you should always watch your feline friend for any type of reactions or differences in their behavior, appetite, or overall demeanor. With a little bit here and there, if your cat has no bad reaction, it can be fun for you and your cat.

Along with cats getting their own enjoyment from catnip, people have grown their own to use it in their tea. As an herb for us homo sapiens, it helps treat insomnia, headaches, cramps, and many more problems. With that said, feel free to indulge in some catnip, either for you or your kitty, but remember to know whether or not your cat is able to be given it and make sure to watch if they look or act any different than usual.

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