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You can meet your next best friend at any of our adoption events. Please check our Events page to see where we are going to be next. Our events are always family and pet friendly so be sure to bring yours along so you can meet you next best friend!

Info Needed

Technically C2CND neither “charges” a fee nor makes any money from an adoption.

The “fee” is actually a recovery fee, please see this Recovery Fee for a more detailed explanation.

We require this fee only to recoup expenses already paid out so that we may rescue another pet.

Catering to Cats and Dogs is a Gold-Level member o GuideStar and you can review our financials there.

People ask if they can do a “trial period” with the Pet. C2CND does not do trial periods for several reason.

C2CND is responsible for the well being, safety and health of the animal and must stay in the care of C2CND until the pet is adopted

C2CND believes pets are a life long commitment and should be treated as such


Work with law enforcement
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If you would like to visit and see a pet that interests you then you are welcome to visit us at any of our events.

Be sure to check out our Events page to see where we will be next.

Yes. Fosters who wish to adopt the animal they foster go through the same screening process as adoption applicants.

A pet foster provides a safe and loving environment for Pets (kittens, puppies, dogs, cats) until they are adopted. The foster provides basic care for the animals such as food, water, and shelter. When fostering a dog, the pet foster parent may teach him basic house manners. The pet foster may have to transport their foster animal to adoption events. In the event that the foster animal needs veterinary care, or becomes ill or injured, the foster may be requested to transport the animal to a designated veterinary hospital.

The GuideStar Exchange is an initiative designed to connect nonprofits with current and potential supporters. With millions of people coming to GuideStar to learn more about nonprofit organizations, the GuideStar Exchange allows nonprofits to share a wealth of up-to-date information with GuideStar’s vast on-line audience of grantmakers and individual donors.

GuideStar Exchange members are nonprofits that have updated their nonprofit reports. There are three levels of participation, determined by how much information organizations have shared through the GuideStar Exchange.

You can find GuideStarts website here:

The “Catering to Cats and Dogs” Forums are like social mixers where everyone is at an equal level, milling about and discussing with other. These many to many descusions allow anyone to start a topic and anyone to respond to anyone. Members are often at equal level, and content is usually segmented by topic. (rather than by people).

The “Catering to Cats and Dogs” Blogs are like a keynote speeches where the speaker (the Blogger) is in control of the discussion, but allows questions and comments from the audience.
The Blogs are journals often authored by one individual.