Feline Necessities 101

Feline Necessities 101

Have you found yourself considering adopting a new feline lately?

ChevyThe idea of adopting your new feline friend can be exciting. It’s a new addition to your family and a new companion to call your own. However, it is important to consider all the equipment that will be necessary to keep your new feline happy.  A responsible cat owner will be sure to have the basic necessities and more to ensure the overall happiness of their new pet.

So how do you know what to buy when you’re new to owning a cat? The answer is easy. Do your research and make a shopping list. Or, even better, visit your local shelter and get expert advice from where you will be getting your new pet from.

My word of advice is to be sure to have all of your supplies ready and set up before you bring your new pet home. This will ensure an easy transition for both you and your feline friend.  The easier the transition, the sooner a happy and loving generic propecia no prescription needed relationship can come out of the two of you.

cat, felineWhat You Need:

  1. A litter box for your pet to use the bathroom in (Litter as well!)
  2. Food and water dishes (Don’t forget the food!)
  3. Treats to reward them for behaving while gone for the day
  4. A scratching post if you’re new feline pet is not de-clawed
  5. Toys to ensure your cat is entertained and happy
  6. A pet bed so they have a cozy place to sleep that keeps cat hair off the couch
  7. Lastly, a brush to maintain shininess and softness in your feline’s coat

Best of luck to you and your new pet. Remember, the transition can be a stressful time for your new pet so be patient if your feline not friendly at first. With time they will become familiar with you and their new surroundings.

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