Hank Charity Event

Hank Charity Event

Catering to Cats and Dogs will be hosting a Charity Bartender event on May 10th at The Kilted Buffalo in Birkdale from 6-9 pm to raise money for Hank’s medical bills following his back surgery and intensive physical therapy. We keep 100% of the tips for the night. We will also be selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a Weber grill and accessories valued at $225. Please come out to support a great cause. You can also purchase raffle tickets via PayPal (donna@c2cnd.org). One ticket for $5 or three tickets for $10. Be sure to include your name, phone and/or email.

Hank’s Story

Hank EventHank is a beautiful Harlequin Great Dane puppy who was surrendered to C2CND on February 28th with his Pit Bull friend. We are extremely thankful that we were there to save this boy and his friend, not sure what would of happened to him if he landed in the wrong hands. We took him in not knowing that he could not walk very well, he could not bear weight on his back legs & had a large hump on his back. Clearly, these dogs needed us but we just didn’t realize how badly. First thing Monday morning, we were at the vet’s office where we were quickly referred to the neurologist for a consultation. The neurologist did a MRI & CT scan because he wanted to know exactly what we were dealing with and wanted to give us the most accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis had good news and bad news. The bad news is he has Kyphosis, which is the excessive outward curvature of the spine causing hunching of the back, and a congenital malformation of the spine at T8, T9 and T10 with order propecia severe spinal cord compression. The good news is that the doctor is very optimistic that this is fixable through surgery! The doctor has performed several surgeries for this condition and he is very confident that the surgery and physical therapy will allow Hank to make a full recovery.

Fast Forward to March 16th

Hank has his first surgery. The amazing doctor told us that this one is the most difficult surgery that could be performed but he was still optimistic for our boy Hank. His surgery lasted 4 hours to remove the excess bone without touching the spinal cord. The spinal cord was at a 90 degree angle! Success!

March 17th

Hank has his second surgery. This surgery was 2 to 4 hours, and the doctor was able to clear out the bone without having to add any support which was the ultimate goal. Success!

It has now been one month since surgery and Hank is doing AMAZING. Hank is just about ready to start his intensive physical therapy, so he can learn how to walk again. His foster family and doctors see progress in Hank everyday but physical therapy, including water therapy, will be crucial for his development. The surgery and treatments so far have been in excess of $5,000 and physical therapy will be several thousand more! Thank you for your donations, support, thoughts and prayers so far!! Please help spread the word about Hank in hopes of getting more help for our sweet boy!

Hank has been coming to part of our adoption event at PetSmart in Concord on Saturdays and he will be at his fundraiser on May 10th from 6 to 9 at the Kilted Buffalo in Birkdale Village.

Please help spread the word!

Thank you for your support!

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