Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Many know the dangers of the heat in summer, especially to pets. As the heat rises, the dangers to your dog increases. There are some simple safety tips you can follow to help keep your pet safe throughout the summer.

As weather rises to 90 degrees, it is important to start bringing extra water around to prevent your dog from overheating. Either collapsible water bowls or even just bringing an extra water bottle is a perfectly easy solution for everyday summer walks. When your pup is home, make sure to give them fresh cold water more often too. Also, add some ice cubes to prevent them from vomiting.

Summer DogsAnother tip is choosing certain times to walk. Before the sun rises and before noon are best. That way, you avoid at least walking outside during the hottest part of the day. Try to find a route with more shade and less blacktop asphalt, too. This propecia no prescription online will keep your puppy’s paws from cracking in the heat and give you both some needed cooler areas. Even when you’re just relaxing in the backyard, shade is always better.

Make sure not to over-exercise your pet. No one knows your dog like you do, so make sure to watch out for warning signs of overheating. That includes excess panting, lethargic movements, vomiting, seizures, etc. Also, know that dogs with lighter fur are more likely to get sunburned so watch out! There are sunscreens for your furry friend that you can find in some stores or can easily be shipped from online.

Even with the obstacles that come in the summer, nothing should stop you and your puppy from having tons of fun! Just some extra water and ice cubes for them, keep a watchful eye, and enjoy more time in the shade, and you and your dog will have a great time!

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