Pet Surrender

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Pet Surrender

Catering to Cats and Dogs is currently full to capacity and cannot accept any surrendered cats or dogs at this time. However, we will be happy to place a courtesy posting on for 2-3 weeks. In order to post your cat or dog, we will need photos, a bio and your contact information. Please contact your local no-kill shelter for further assistance with surrendered animals at this time. Thank you.

Catering To Cats & Dogs is a small rescue which utilizes foster homes. We are struggling to do our best to help rescue local animals, but so many are thought of as “throw-away” pets, local rescues can’t possibly help them all. Our goal is to help the most urgent animals first, which means the animals chosen for certain euthanization. These are the ones we are desperately trying to rescue, not the ones that “you just don’t have time for any more”. We believe an animal is a life-long commitment and whether you are moving, have a mountain home, having a baby or have allergies, there is a way to keep that precious family member if you truly want to. There are other options.

If you are considering surrendering your family pet, please keep the following in mind . . .

If You…..


We’re sure the state you are moving to accepts cats & dogs. If the new Rental Home doesn’t allow pets, find a different place to live. With this economy, there are multiple rental choices.


Please consider a pet sitter if you can’t take your beloved cat or dog with you. Catering to Cats and Dogs cheap propecia uk would be happy to recommend some wonderful pet sitters or boarding facilities.


It is possible to have pets and children. One of our volunteers had two Great Danes and a cat when her son was born. He survived and is now 20!


There are all kinds of remedies for allergies. Please discuss options with your family physician.

We know that this information seems harsh, but every day hundreds of thousands of animals are euthanized because people didn’t want to keep a pet they obtained last year or within the last 5 years. North Carolina is the leading state in the US for euthanization of pets. Please take your time, research and plan before considering adopting or acquiring a new cat or dog for the family. There are many “adult” animals waiting for permanent loving homes along with those cute kittens and puppies. They, too, have wonderful personalities and need love. Please consider adopting an Adult cat or dog the next time you want a pet.

Animal Rescues are run solely on Donations, yet every day we receive multiple calls from people wanting to surrender animals, however, they will not consider giving a donation toward the care of the very animal they no longer want. Without funding, ALL animals would be destroyed immediately. In a No-Kill environment, daily food, bedding, litter, medications and other necessities are desperately needed. It takes funding to obtain these items.

Please consider making a donation today to help with these expenses. You can do this by simply clicking the menu “How Can I Help“, scroll to the bottom and click “Donate“.

Thank you,

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